How Our Specialty Training Helps You

Dr. Hulgan is board certified in Periodontics and Dental Implant Surgery.

Periodontics is one of two surgical specialties recognized by the American Dental Association. 

This specialty is specifically designed to treat the supporting bone and tissue around the teeth and the placement of dental implants. Graduates complete three years of additional training beyond dental school and receive complete training in IV sedation and advanced bone grafting techniques. Substantial time is used for the coordination and collaboration of cases with Restorative Dentists and Prosthodontists. This allows your Periodontist to have a full understanding of the final dental prosthesis. This is similar in concept to the way there is a blueprint to follow for the building of a foundation for a house.

All materials used in the practice are the highest quality dental products on the market. We don’t use anything we wouldn’t use on ourselves or our own family.

Dr. Hulgan maintains certification in Advanced Cardiac Life Support for the highest level of safety, recognition, and intervention of cardiac events.